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What is AWANA?

AWANA is for kids age 2 through 6th grade. It is a Bible based kids club designed to reach boys and girls with the Gospel of Christ and to train them to serve Him.


Puggles (Ages 2 and 3): Introduces young children to basic Bible truths. Puggles teaches toddlers simple lessons about God through teaching cards, fun activities, music and more. Puggles leaders have a guidebook to help them plan and direct club time and communicate the lesson.


Cubbies (Preschool): Celebrates preschoolers’ spiritual potential by helping them develop respect for God, His Son and His Word. Cubbies is built on two premises: Young children can and should receive spiritual training. Home is the primary place for spiritual training. Our preschool program meets these needs through lots of fun! Games, puppets, crafts, awards, snacks and other activities make Cubbies a lively weekly experience where fun and learning go hand in hand.


Sparks (Kindergarten-Second Grade): Teaches children about the people and events of the Bible. This builds a foundation of wisdom for knowing Jesus. Sparks meetings combine learning with fun to create an atmosphere of irresistible excitement.

Truth & Training

Truth & Training (Third-Sixth Grade): Answers kids’ key questions about God and the Bible, guiding them to grow in His grace. Exciting theme nights, the Awana Store and other exciting activities spice up meetings throughout the year.

Awana Registration

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Registration costs are for September 16, 2020 to May 19, 2021.

Financial assistance is available if necessary - we want all children to participate in Awana!

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